Let Long Island Implant Dentistry Restore Your Lost Teeth

Missing teeth make you lose confidence. A complete set of teeth can make up for a beautiful smile. That is why you need Long Island implant dentistry solution to regain your smile. Decades ago, people with lost teeth either leave their mouths that way or removed all of their teeth to obtain dentures. Not to mention the excruciating procedure the patient has to go through. No wonder there is this “fear of dentist” feeling. You can forget that feeling now. It’s time to be elated. New dental breakthroughs are introduced to offer us safe and long-lasting treatment. One such treatment is dental implantation.

Long Island dentist for dental implants staff are expert practitioners of this field. They know that dental implants offer results that go beyond their patients’ expectations. The procedure offer people to enjoy their new set of teeth for a longer period of time. The reason behind this is quality. Prosthetic tooth is made of heavy duty porcelain. It won’t crack or chipped off easily for every chew. It looks clean after brushing. The implant itself is made of strong titanium to hold the prosthetic well. The new tooth is attached firmly on the abutment — the upper section of the implant. Once set, it’s virtually immovable.

One or two procedures are introduced by the Long Island dentist for dental implants service. There is the one-stage procedure and the two-stage. In single stage, the implant is placed on top of the bone and tissue of a targeted gum. Afterwards, the dentist stitched it up and let it heal for a few months. For the two-stage operation, the new tooth is screwed to the abutment of the implant. The abutment is the top section of the dental implant. Then the gums are left alone to heal. The second step, the top surface of the implant is exposed and left to heal again. Additional restorative efforts are made in the succeeding months until completely healed.

These are some of the things that the Long Island implant dentistry can do. It is part of cosmetic dentistry — a branch that works for the restorative or aesthetic appeal of a person’s teeth. Going to the dentist to cure dental disorders is good. However, preventive initiatives are even better. Dentists encouraged their patients to maintain proper oral hygiene regularly. This saves money in the long run. It also helps the people save or allocate money for major dental operations in case if needed. Everything lies in wise decision making to maintain sound oral health.


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